We are in the business of producing green and sustainable VIROFUEL/ENFUEL (as an alternative towards fossilized fuel such as coal) for the energy intensive industries. VIROFUEL/ENFUEL are made up of mainly non-recyclable & combustible materials that was originally meant for landfills. These non-recyclable rejects (predominantly polymer based) will take approximately 500 years or more to bio-degrade!

Our responsibility is to contribute towards the circular economy by redirecting these non-recyclables into energy sources – this is done by aligning ourselves with our clients, suppliers, manufacturers towards the crucial fight of mitigating global warming via our traceability and alternative possibilities solution (non-recyclable waste as an alternative fuel source).


We need to take positive actions in passing a liveable world to future generations. We need to be transparent and accountable towards the waste we generate. We are living in a world that is borrowed from our children! At VIROFUEL/ENFUEL, we are driven by a consuming urge to make this environment better. We are destined to be the regional leader in alternative fuel development, usage and supply.


To be a significant “alternative energy” provider contributing towards the circular economy by engaging in non-recyclable resource recovery and conversion technologies.


Our “Alternative Possibilities” solution for non-recyclable waste streams is the ideal method towards LANDFILL MITIGATION and CARBON FOOTPRINT ABATEMENT. It is designed to help reduce and eradicate non-biodegradable waste from ending up in landfills. It is also a platform for sustainable alternative fuel replacement for coal.

Our brand promise help companies achieve the following for their non-recyclable waste streams:

Zero landfill policy

Transparency and accountability (Traceability)

Reduction in carbon footprint (CO2e)


First Asian operation started in Malaysia (2016)

Fully integrated proprietary dSRF solution from strategic resource recovery to customized alternative fuel development & supply to logistic planning and tactical management