At VIROFLUX, we focus on the recovery and treatment of sludge. Despite representing only about 1% of total wastewater flows, sludge handling accounts for up to 50% of total wastewater treatment/operations and energy cost. The VIROFLUX-ALAR proprietary process turns (>97% liquid) wastewater sludge into (40%-50% moisture content) bio-solids and clean re-useable water. This process help achieve a greater degree of water recycling and eliminates total landfilling of sludge.


There is no substitute for WATER!

With energy or food, customers have options – they can switch from oil to natural gas, or eat more chicken or less beef. Unless we managed our water better now, we will run out. When that happens, no pricing or management scheme in the world will save us.

At VIROFLUX, we believe in returnng this world to our children in a better shape than the one we have inherited. We want to eradicate errant landfilling of solids and the illegal discharge of liquid waste. That is why we chose to focus on providing world class solutions in sludge treatment and clean water recovery.


To be a regional driving force in turning sludge into valuable resource and the recovery of re-useable water.


Sludge is a RESOURCE

Uncovering hidden energy within the sludge solids


Innovative Treatment Process

Single process real time separation of liquid–solids without any need for thickening process

Separated bio-solids at 40% to 60% moisture in one pass

Flexible in-take points (EQ, O&G trap, Sludge tank)

Resilient to pH, O&G, Temperature, high TS & VS

Mobile sludge treatment process

Small footprint


Cost Savings on Treatment Process

Minimized sludge treatment train to one process thus saving on chemical coagulant, power, personnel and logistics cost on traditional sludge dewatering process.

Savings on capex and opex when system is applied to EQ stage (secondary and sludge treatment no longer required).

Huge savings on disposal cost.


Achievement on Zero Discharge & Landfill

Reusable liquid as utility or process water while bio-solids are used as alternative fuel.

Alternative usage for bio-solids as soil enhancement fertilizer (only with agriculture sludge)


Starting trial operations in New Zealand to treat municipal WWTP sludge with the support of local government.