VIROFUEL has a unique platform designed to engage stakeholders such as manufacturers, recyclers, consumer goods companies, schools, quick-service restaurants and retailers towards a ZERO LANDFILL initiative and to further reinforce waste reduction, reuse and recycling (3Rs) mandates. This proprietary platform provides our valuable partners with TRACEABILITY and END-OF-LIFE solution for their waste.


VIROFUEL has a unique and proprietary solid fuel preparation & homogenization processes from raw feed to finished products whereby we are able to control a number of key parameters such as calorific value, moisture, chloride, sulphur, ash, fuel size, bulk density……etc. This unique innovation has allowed us to customize our alternative fuels according to specific customer & industry requirements.


A circular economy works according to the 3R approach of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”. Material extraction is reduced where possible by using less material, products are made of reused parts and materials, and after discarding a product, materials and parts are recycled. In a circular economy value is created by focusing on value retention.

VIROFUEL focuses on values beyond the 3Rs. We specialize in the 4th R (Recovery). Materials that are NOT recyclable due to complex bonding or manufacturing processes are converted into alternative fuel for the energy intensive industries whereby the end product(s) are distributed back into the circular economy. By doing this, we have successfully mitigated landfill space and reduction in carbon emissions by reducing the use of fossilized fuel.


Sustainable local feed source

Carbon footprint (CO2) abatement

Landfill mitigation & reduction

Efficient storage with jumbo bags

Significant savings from using alternative fuel

Stable pricing for better budgetry planning

Optimized transport cost thru high density alternative fuel pellets

Flexibility in providing a wide range of calorific values and bulk density feed

Controlled parameters in terms of moisture, chloride, ash and other concerns